First Progress Check (1/12/19)

On September 4, 2018, I made the decision to start a keto diet, as of immediately and besides a couple cheat meals, a week-long vacation to Mexico, and some indulgence over the holidays, Nick and I have maintained a ketogenic diet together since, generally staying between 20-50 grams of carbs/sugar per day. At the time of this, my “Progress Check” post, it is January 12, 2019 (making me four months in and Nick seven months in). However, I have done a decent job at keeping track of my progress and so I will do my best to illustrate that in this post, beginning with my high school and college years for reference. Note: I will do my best to use “real” photos of myself (not too posed or wearing anything super sliming). I will be explicit about my weight and will not tolerate any judgment or body shaming, so please, keep negative comments to yourself:

High School:


Date: 2011 (sophomore – age 16)

Weight: Approximately 120 lbs and very fit

Lifestyle: Swimming & playing water polo competitively – working out 3-5 hours per day

Eating Habits: High-carb/high-protein

Early College:


Date: 2014 (sophomore – age 19)

Weight: Approximately 135 lbs

Lifestyle: One year into my relationship with Nick & in school full-time with a part-time job that kept me moderately active

Eating Habits: Eating regularly, but still eating high-carb/high-protein

Pre-Keto Starting Weight:


Date: June 2018 (just before grad-school graduation – age 23)

Weight: 173.8 lbs

We will call this my pre-keto starting weight, though I officially began the keto diet three months later in September.

Lifestyle: Five years into my relationship with Nick & at the tail end of grad-school – three night-classes per week, homework, full-time 9-5 desk job, and Editor-in-Chief of DePaul’s literary magazine, Crook & Folly (the photo above was taken at the launch party).

Eating Habits: Highly irregular – mostly quick meals or snacks and ordering in a lot

One Month Into Keto Diet:


Date: October 7, 2018 (I wish I had a better picture from this month, but I don’t)

Weight: 163.5 lbs – 10.3 lb loss!

I hit my goal of 10 lbs loss in one month! We had a family vacation to Anna Maria Island, Florida – where this photo was taken – and our departure date kept me focused.

Lifestyle: Newly graduated – full-time 9-5 job (NOTE: In the months between graduation and my keto start date – 9/4/18 – I was working out every day losing no weight, I stopped working out temporarily once I started the diet.)

Eating Habits: Strictly keto – under 20 grams of carbs per day (I had one cheat day on this vacation)

11 Weeks Into Keto Diet:


Date: November 20, 2018

Weight: 156.8 lbs – 17 lb loss!

As a graduation gift, my mom and step-dad took Nick and I on an all-inclusive Mexico vacation over Thanksgiving – where this picture was taken. My goal was to hit a 20 lbs loss by this time…I didn’t quite make it, but I was close!

Lifestyle: Full-time 9-5 desk job – still not working out

Eating Habits: Strictly keto – under 20 grams of carbs per day (NOTE: Nick and I cheated the entire week we were in Mexico. I only ended up gaining two pounds back though, because I got a horrible stomach bug the last day we were there, which I don’t recommend.)

About Four Months Into Keto Diet:

Date: January 12, 2019

Weight: 153.2 lbs – 20.6 lb loss!

Lifestyle: Full-time 9-5 desk job – still not working out

Eating Habits: Strictly keto – under 20 grams of carbs per day with holiday cheat days (NOTE: Not gonna lie guys, the holidays were tough. We cheated from December 22nd to January 2nd, but we were much more restrained than we would have been had we not been actively trying to lose weight. I did not weigh myself during this time, because I knew I was bloated from the carbs and sugar and it was mostly water weight. Now I am back at it and looking forward to more pounds lost!)


At this point, I’d like to share with you all my goal for the future. Remember “Early College” Emily circa 2014 from earlier in this post? That would be ideal for me. Though I would be happy with weighing around 140 lbs, I’d like to be closer to 130 lbs. For my height (5’2″) I think that would be a good weight for me. I have never been a naturally skinny girl and I have curves, so I don’t ever see myself weighing less than 130 lbs. In addition to weight loss, I’m now just over four months into this diet and would like to start incorporating some more exercise into my life. This means down the line I will probably start to incorporate some low-glycemic indexed foods back into my diet (foods that have natural sugars but don’t affect your blood glucose levels; example: apples). We will see how I do!

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share and comment!

-Emily Natzel


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